The Planets: Mercury Playing Cards
The Planets: Mercury Playing Cards
October 11, 2018
Lost Fish (Small) by Aprendemagia - Trick
Lost Fish (Small) by Aprendemagia – Trick
October 11, 2018
Melty Link by RYOTA & Jekyll

Melty Link by RYOTA & Jekyll


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A new visual in rubber band magic!
A penetration effect that looks similar, but is so different.

You start by showing two different colored rubber bands.
The rubber bands are hooked on the first and middle fingers of both hands.

When the two rubber bands cross each other, they penetrate as if they melted through one another.
You show that they are now linked, and then unlink them again.

Alternative handling:
– You can hand out the linked rubber bands as a present.
– After performing two times in a row, you will be able to hand out the rubber bands separately to be examined.
– You can have the spectator pull the linked rubber bands apart.
– You can link a rubber band to another rubber band that is looped around a spectator’s finger.
– You can unlink the rubber bands by simply blowing air while showing your hands empty.

– The main handling can be performed with other rubber bands of your choice.
– Can be performed completely surrounded.
– No thread, no magnets.
– 6 different handlings are explained. This also can be put together into a routine.

RYOTA has been performing this daily, and he says it is very practical.

– Regular rubber bands x 10
– Gimmick rubber bands x 10
– Online explanation (Japanese audio/English subtitles)

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